On Wednesday 27th November, 2019 a meeting of the Pan African Trade and Investment Committee (PAFTRAC) was convened at the same venue.  ABR President, Samuel Dossou-Aworet is a member of the Executive Council and Vice Chairman of the Committee. PAFTRAC aims to provide the framework for facilitating the participation and engagement of the African Private Sector in trade and investment issues in Africa, including trade and investment policy formulation and trade negotiations and implementation of trade agreements.  The Committee will serve as an advocacy platform to galvanize the views of the African Private Sector on the ground and transmit those to policy makers to strengthen the foundation of public-private partnership in support of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA)

 The ABR President at both meetings, called on all stakeholders present to embrace and support ABR and invited business men and women to join its membership.  He informed delegates that ABR will be thirty years in 2020 and a book will be published to provide insight into the organization’s life circle to date so as to shed light on both its achievements and shortcomings and learn from the experiences.  He promised the audience that the new ABR that will emerge under his leadership will make good governance the corner stone of its operations and activities.  

Mrs. Souad Aden-Osman, Executive Director, Coalition for Dialogue on Africa who moderated the Policy Dialogue emphasized the need for the private sector to come together and quickly establish the African Business Council (ABC).  H.E. Albert Muchanga, Commissioner, DTI at the African Union Commission also echoed this need all through the dialogue.  CoDA and the AUC role in the process of establishing the ABC is mainly advisory and to facilitate.  Mrs. Aden-Osman promised that CoDA will assist to soon convene a meeting of all the Regional Business Councils, Pan-African Business Associations and Sectoral groups after the Business Sector Interim Working Group constituted by the Business Associations at the Forum submits a draft of the Working Documents for the establishment of ABC so as to ensure inclusivity.



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